The Google Panda update has been geared towards content quality like never before. To up your Panda quality score, you should focus on removing any pages with thin content or add more, relevant content to these pages to let these pages rank higher for an organic Google search.

The simple formula is that the Google Panda score is the product of the Static Elements, Quality Checks and User Experience.

Yes, the Google Panda algorithm does factor in the user experience so that means it’s a site-wide penalty. At the end of the day they want to rank higher for user engagement, so they know visitors love to visit you and so they’ll send more traffic your way.

The Panda update has made it clear that all these factors contribute to great Google SEO and higher ranking. For good SEO, ensure that more of your pages are high quality or Google will rank your site as low quality. Let’s take a look at these factors in detail:

  1. Static elements

All sites have certain static elements or pages that describe the purpose of the site, the profile of the webmaster, and any applicable terms and conditions. Pages like Privacy Policy, Contact, About, and Terms of Service are static elements which every site will contain.

Privacy Policy – Most of the content for the Privacy Policy will be generated using a third-party tool. If you don’t want this page to be indexed add a no-index or no-follow tag to this page’s code.

However, Google will still find it preferable if you can make the content for this page unique. If you copy-paste the content from another site, Google will treat it as plagiarism.

When using a third party tool, you should rewrite the content to personalize it. If you can’t write, consider a paid writing service.

Contact – The Contact page is also a static page that has thin content. If you can’t add more content to this, ensure that you no-index or no-follow tag as Googlebot will crawl names and contact details.

About – Tell your visitors a story instead of a boring About page with bare details. You can also place a CTA button here.

Terms of Service – This is another page that needs to have unique content in order for Google to see it as quality content.

  1. Quality checks

Basically, this refers to the site’s backend coding needs to be eror-free and adhere to current standards. Comb through your HTML tags, PHP errors, broken scripts and incorrect CSS rules. Fix these issues for a smooth user experience and increase your site’s engagement.

Also, ensure that your meta description and title tags contain well-researched keywords and are unique.

  1. User experience

Since Google Panda assess your whole site, you’ll want to work on the user experience. Remember that the user experience depends on factors like: usability, interface design, functionality, information hierarchy, content strategy and the platform. Optimize all these elements for the ultimate user experience.

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