Designing an SEO friendly site is one of the most important things
that you can do to get your site to rank higher on search engines.
Though the reason for posting this guide on SEO for beginners is to
provide you with simple SEO hacks to make your site more visible to
people who are looking for keywords relevant to your brand or product.

1. Concentrate on just 1-2 long tail keywords.

An SEO friendly blog post or on-site content is about quality, not
quantity. Do not just go about incorporating all possible keywords
because search engines will term this as keyword stuffing. Your
readers will not enjoy reading the unnatural content and search
engines will count poor reader experience as reason to lower your
A decent approach is using one to two keywords in every blog post.
This way you will just spend time on site optimization or blog
optimization for just a few keywords instead. Long tail keywords are
your best bet, since visitors are so specific in their search are
likely to be more qualified. So you can be assured of the right kind
of traffic.

2. Optimize your meta description

Search engines and readers use your meta description to understand
what your blog post or site content is about. Ensure that you use long
tail keywords in your post’s meta description and also pay attention
to the quality of your copy – click rates will come with engaging

3. Link internally as much as possible

Internal links help search engines detect that your site’s content is
in sync with each other and is optimized towards a few
keywords/topics. Internal linking will also keep your visitors engaged
on your site for longer – another proof that search engines use for
content validation.

4. URL structure

Search engines will also crawl your URL to see what the content of
your post is like. Make sure that you optimize your URLs with keywords
and it will be sure to stand out as each URL will be unique to a page.

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