Before February 2011, there were a number of loopholes in Google that spam users took advantage of to push their visibility. However, in February 2011, Google Panda was introduced to fight span. Panda is an algorithm that is ranked highly in Google’s core algorithm that is applied to websites to determine the quality of the content that is provided in the website. The algorithm has a role in ensuring that quality is maintained in the material that is provided.
The algorithm alters the ranking of website from the traditional approach of using the flow and update of content to the quality of the content. The introduction of the new approach resulted to a number of changes that markets need to know. This is all You Need to Know About Google’s Panda Algorithm Update.

The update will affect 2 to 3 percent of the search queries

There is nothing small when it comes to Google that is why these numbers should be taken seriously. Doing the math, 2 to 3 percent translates to 36 million searches. That is a significant fraction of the internet users. In the earlier periods, 4.0 affected 7.5 percent of the searches traffic that were made on Google while 4.1 hit translated to between 3 and 5 percentage. The values that are affected due to the update are relatively high considering these numbers.

The roll out will be slow

The Panda 4.2 roll out will take some time before it is effective. It may take months before the complete roll out and introduction of the updated algorithm. The trend has been that updates have registered growth that have also translated to a longer time between them.

The same is expected of the updates

Creating quality content is the only way to achieve higher Google SEO ranking
There is no change with regards to quality content. The update still focuses on the quality of content in translating to the ranking of the website. The updates are based on the traditional panda algorithm philosophy that positions quality at the highest point in consideration when evaluating websites.

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