YouTube, which is owned by Google, ranks as the world’s 2nd largest search engine. However, it remains a large untapped traffic source. The service gets about 30 million visitors every single day. So, how does one get to rank high on YouTube? Here are a few tips.

Look for video keywords

Keyword research is the first step in the YouTube SEO process. A nice place to start is ‘video keywords.’ These are the keywords that produce YouTube results on Google’s first search page. A few of the keywords for which Google uses video results include Reviews, How-to, Funny videos and Tutorials.
Another important tip is to look for keywords that are used in at least 300 searches every month. This information is available on Google Keyword Planner.

Deliver great content

Having a great YouTube video means that one is likely to get a better response from the audience. This may involve the use of proper equipment and a display of professionalism. YouTube uses various methods to determine the quality of the video. These include, video retention, YouTube likes, comments, shares, favorites and YouTube subscribers gained or lost after watching.
Longer YouTube videos tend to perform better than shorter ones. Ensure that the video is at least 5 minutes long. Tutorials tend to be long, with some being several hours long.

Keep YouTube SEO in mind when uploading videos

Ensure that the video filename, title of video, video description and tags utilize the appropriate keywords.

Get a large number of views

The number of views on a YouTube video account for much in YouTube video ranking. Some of the methods one can use in gaining more video views include sharing the link to your video on other sites, video embedding on blog posts and provide a link to the video in an email signature.

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