Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential in positioning a website properly in search engines. To be able to master the basics of SEO, web owners need to be well informed of what search engines are looking for as well as what their audience wants. Webmasters who have learnt the basics of SEO are able to build a strong online presence which they can also profit from.

Basic SEO strategies

Developing a SEO strategy requires taking into account set reasonable insight and particular recommendations relevant to a website’s niche. The aim of SEO is to create a seamless user experience and communicate to the search engines a website’s intentions to generate appropriate searches. Therefore, search engines are simply looking for content, performance, authority and user experience. So what does one need to do?

Identify target audience

This is an essential step as it helps narrow down a group of people a website intends to reach. Establishing your audience takes into account their needs and various characteristics that would make a specific web page relevant to them. Once a webmaster understands their audience, they can now define their content strategy and come up with the right keywords

Website optimization

Today, social media plays a significant role as a channel of communication. Allowing a website to link with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram expands your audience as well as makes it easy to share information from a website with others. Optimizing for a website to be accessed through media such as mobiles and tablets will also greatly improve the positioning of the site. All these will improve user experience which one of the factors search engines are looking out for.

Get links to your site

The more links there are to a website the higher the web pages will rank. Links show that a site has authority and that its content is trustworthy. Webmasters need to invest in quality links which are from related sites.


Generally, the basic of SEO lies in figuring out what a target audience seeks and then creating an optimized site that delivers their needs.

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