The techniques used for search engine optimization are as varied as they are complex. The entire process becomes even more complicated when it comes to SEO for e-commerce businesses, which need to follow a specific set of rules to attract organic traffic which result in organic sales.

That is why these 10 strategies are essential for a successful e-commerce business and site optimization.

1. URL Structure: Every product must carry a unique meta description and meta tags that help it to stand out from the crowd in searches and help boost your promotional campaign.

2. User Reviews: These are a valuable commodity, and must be actively encouraged and tagged with keywords. This promotes a sense of transparency for your business in the eyes of the clients as well testifying to the quality of the product.

3. Page Titles: Ease of site navigation is essential to create an encouraging atmosphere for the potential customer to shop in and make a purchase.

4. Site Optimization: Optimize the speed at which your site loads by reducing the resolution of the images for your products, and getting rid of unnecessary clutter from the website.

5. Inbound Links and Outbound Links: Make sure that every page on your website is linked to several other pages. This helps Google see greater value in your internally linked site and local SEO trends.

6. Mobile Site Optimization: Today, mobile surfing has become an important part of the digital world, and as such, it is essential that your website meet mobile optimization standards in its layout and formatting.

7. Social Media Sharing: Make use of social media to promote your business services and products. Create and maintain a Facebook page and invite customers to like and share the page, as well as using sites like Twitter for sales promotion and publishing video content on Youtube.

8. Store Old Pages: Don’t just delete the pages showing your out-of-stock or no longer available products. The more pages your site has as well as long form content, the more legitimate it appears to Google as well as to customers.

9. Site Security: You must ensure the security of your site always remains intact. For this reason, it is a wise choice to invest in HTTPS encryption for your website.

10. Community Building: Creating a community forum for your website will encourage greater communication between your company and your clients, allowing for a space that promotes a greater sense of unity for the actively involved customers, as well as providing information for the latest SEO trends and SEO technology as it relates to your specific business.

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