When it comes to SEO benefits, e-commerce websites benefit the most. The more the traffic to their sites, the larger their revenue stream. However, SEO trends change by the day. To stay in business, most e-commerce websites stay on top of these changes. So what SEO trends should each e-commerce webmaster pay attention to? Here is a list of a few:

SEO tools are the way to go

SEO technology is getting better by the day. Now, the market is full of tools and apps that can help webmasters optimize their sites for better usability. Some solutions even provide template web designs that ensure on-site optimization upon launch of the site.

Adoption of long form content

Long form content is becoming more favored over short form content. This is because long form content has higher user demand and is more favored by search engines such as Google. Long form content provides more details when it comes to company information, product description and company insights.


The world of social media is exploding and the opportunities therein are endless. Social media marketing is becoming more mainstream for businesses, mainly e-commerce sites. Social media is an excellent way of increasing visibility. Shoppers can also help by sharing the site on their social media accounts. It is prudent to encourage shoppers to do this throughout the shopping process.

Video content beats the rest

Internet videos have become one of the most consumed media content. Video sharing and virality have also taken the world by storm. Video content should be available on e-commerce website pages both to educate and explain various product features.

Mobile optimization

Nowadays, more people use mobile devices than desktop devices. It, therefore, makes sense to offer the best experience to mobile users. Mobile optimization allows for this. E-commerce sites are turning to apps and Google is helping by supporting app development.

Voice search coupled with digital assistants

E-commerce marketers are now capitalizing on the increased use of digital assistants and voice searches. They provide more optimization for the various phrases used to provide more accurate results.

Local results are more preferred

Local SEO is bound to get better as more advanced technologies, such as wearable tech, hit the market. Focusing on a local strategy will allow e-commerce businesses to target niche consumers and beat the competition.

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