There are several ways of ensuring that articles are easy to read and access through the Internet or World Wide Web. Article readability can be enhanced by using many paragraphs breaks, headings and subtitles, short sentences, and gifs of celebrities. The article can also be made more attractive by using many lovely and funny images.

Images are effective because they generate organic traffic during the Google image search. This article discusses effective ways of ranking better on Google image search.

Selecting appropriate images

Google image search is effective through the process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Image optimization involves the selection of images are related to the ideas or contents of the article. An article about health care can have images of a physician. Google images should be of high quality.

Good image description entails proper resolution and ration. The visibility of the images should be good in several computer devices. An appropriate image for web articles is usually original. Alternatively, an image of another person or organization can be used after securing permission or usage rights.

Free image resources

There are several internet databases with free images. SEO strategy requires the user to obtain the usage rights for the free images. The user is just required to select Usage Rights and then Labeled for Reuse. SEO for images is also very effective through the Flickr Creative Commons. The person is just required to indicate full acknowledgment to the Flickr profile of the image owner.

Image SEO

After getting the desired image, the article writer prepares to upload the file. The image size is adjusted to ensure correct upload and visibility. Huge images are undesirable for SEO hacks because they increase the time for web page loading. Improving image caption through the Mac devices is easy. The Mac device easily resizes the image. The Mac user is just required to select Tools and then Adjust Size.

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