To top the search engine rankings for websites, one has to understand how they work. The largest search engine is Google. Google uses search algorithms to rank results. Here are some SEO hacks used by SEO experts to help websites rank higher on Google.
Google aims to deliver search results that are most relevant to the users. For the last 2 years, the company has been working in increasing usability. Google has been measuring the speed of websites and also checking the originality of content posted on sites. Those lacking in any of the above have been de-ranked.

Deliver unique content

Google loves unique content. This is because more people are turning to Google every day for information. Creating amazing content is a big plus since others can provide links on their websites linking back to one’s content. This earns one good points on Google search engine calculations as more backlinks are created to that content.

Off-page optimization

Experts point out that techniques in off-page link building can amount to 80% when it comes to an SEO campaign. Backlinking ranks as the most important step when looking for a higher ranking on Google.

The effectiveness of back links

Back links are simply links that are used to move to another page. These are effective in boosting ranking as they act as ‘votes’ that are used by search engines in looking for content that is loved by others. Google search ranking increases as the number of back links increase.
So what is needed for proper link building? Here are a few tips
1. Competitor analysis: Observe what the best competitors are doing and match their principles and actions.
2. Content: Provide content that is fresh, captivating and useful.
3. Guest blogging: This involves getting a link to one’s content that is already posted on an established blog or website.

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